About the artist

Chantal Savelsbergh (Born 30-10-1966) is an autodidact fine art painter. Her theme’s are figurative and some elements became a constant in her creative work. Examples are her experimenting with color an light and her lover for skin, hair and eyes in portraits.

A variety of painters gave her a lot of inspiration and have had influence on her painting style of to day, e.g. Van Gogh with his outspoken use of colour, Hopper his stilled scenes, Freud sense for skin and colour and the power of the German expressionists. Started from an expressionistic style her work evolved to a more realistic style, and nowadays a mixed form of these styles form a challenge for her to increase the tension in her work.

As a consultant and researcher her curiosity is especially driven by people and their interactions. In her striving for improvement and development (self)reflection has a lot of impact. This is what attracts her in the stilled scenes of Hopper and what we find in her portraits of people.


Her sense for the beauty of fast and classic cars in combination with touch of the Pop-art Style comes from a period that a Ferrari blue TVR stood in her driveway. The combination of this subject and style also caused her experimentation with larger work.

Since 2010, she integrated her painting into her daily way of living and ever since she decided to look for opportunities to get feedback and grow. As such she uses expositions and art manifestations.

Expositie/Kunst Manifestaties :

Aug. 2005      Group-Exposition of fine art painting and ceramics in Voerendaal.

Jan. 2013       National Art days City Hall of The Hague.

Sept 2013     City Hall of Voerendaal

April 2014     City Hall of Kerkrade for the Alphons Winters prize.

Nov. 2014      Province house Limburg: selected for the finals in the Alphons Winters prize (Nederlands- en Belgisch-                             Limburg)

Juni 2018       Castle Cortenbach: ‘where music meets art’

Juni 2018       Exposition in Kruisherenhotel (Oostwegel Collection Hotel) in Maastricht.

Vanaf 2018    Art-shop-window in Voerendaal

Jan. 2019       Handing over of a Portrait to Queen Maxima.


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